Investing with Rubicon Global Advisors provides a positive alternative to conventional ethically-questionable investments and the “business as usual” practices of the financial industry that led us to the economic meltdown that began in 2008. More and more investors seek sustainable and socially responsible investments which offer transparency, the primacy of ethical considerations, an approach based on risk sharing, and a mechanism which allows investors the potential of “doing well by doing good.”

At Rubicon Global Advisors, our philosophy is somewhat different than other investment companies. We believe in using a multi-manager, multi-asset class, tactical asset allocation investment approach. We are focused on creating risk adjusted value in client portfolios. We believe that managing investment risk is as important as, and the only viable way of, generating acceptable returns. We believe that the Rubicon Global Advisors approach delivers consistent performance for the prudent long-term investor. It allows for the key benefits of capital appreciation and capital preservation (even in tumultuous times).

Our focus is on delivering consistent returns for our investors during these turbulent financial times. We seek to manage risk and maximize opportunity by taking advantage of global trends that many money managers miss. Our dynamic style of asset allocation is based on an extraordinary amount of research and analysis that helps us in our efforts to forecast future market conditions and make smart decisions with your portfolio.  We can shift our investment strategy as appropriate, depending on our forward-looking expectations of market conditions. Our goal is to simply do what works, consistently, and with great results.

What Makes Rubicon Global Advisors Unique? We are the premier halal asset management firm in the United States. Our business is serving the investment needs of financially successful individuals and prominent institutions. We pride ourselves on our values-based personal investment approach, agility, and global expertise.

Rubicon Global Advisors is committed to providing the most transparent, cost-competitive and ethical investment products. Specializing in providing ethical portfolio management to a diverse group of clients, Rubicon Global Advisors benefits from a team with decades of experience in the financial industry.

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