Operations Manager

Jonathan holds a MBA in Commercialization from Oregon State University and Bachelors in Business Entrepreneurship and Biochem Sciences. With a combined eight years or experience in research and work in hospital settings, Jonathan, initially pursued a health career path due to his overcoming of his own personal health battles. Jonathan's greatest expertise revolve in the ability to merge his multidisciplinary approaches into a package that served his MBA in understanding the commercial path for medical related start ups. 

Jonathan now utilizes his skill set under the Rubicon brand to help forward notable ideas to the commercial and equity stage. Aside from his technical chartist knowledge at Rubicon, Jonathan’s wishes to ultimately combine his knowledge and experiences in his areas to best deliver exceptional results to his employer’s clients and network.

Jonathan is a resourceful, strategic, multidisciplinary, and avid photographer with a creative eye for detail and visionary goals aligned with the betterment of society, particularly in healthcare.



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